• Less invasive, mobility preserving alternative to spinal fusion

  • Intuitive instrumentation combined with a simple surgical procedure reduces theatre time

  • Indicated for multiple levels in 5 anatomical heights as well as a narrower and enlarged rivet slot variant

Procedure Description
Spinal fusion is commonly the result of lumbar spinal stenosis, where lumbar spinal stenosis is defined as compression of the spinal cord or a nerve root due to disc degeneration. After decompressing at the level of the vertebrae, stenosis is relieved and the vertebral bodies are fused. The SIR device provides an alternative to spinal fusion after decompressive surgery.

The Southern interspinous Restabilisation (SIR) is a spacer placed posteriorly at the site of the facet joints. The spacer maintains flexibility in extension and rotation through a cushioning (spring) effect. The result is protection of the vertebral joints while preserving decompression and distraction.

Product Description
The SIR implant comprises a titanium spacer with two titanium rivets. The rivets are punched through the facet joints and prevent the implant from displacing.

The spacer is C-shaped with spring like properties during spinal extension while maintaining the desired disc height. It is available in various heights to fit the facets optimally. A narrower and an enlarged rivet hole slot variant results in an optimal facet joint fit.