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Southern Group of Companies

The Southern Group of bio-technology companies was formed in 1987. Since the group's inception this dynamic group has concentrated on implant devices conforming to the highest standards of quality and bio-compatibility.

The parent company, Southern Implants (Pty) Ltd. develops and manufactures dental implants and associated prosthetic devices. When Southern Implants was established, dental implant science on a worldwide basis was in its infancy. Southern Implants has been one of the pioneers in this field contributing extensively to the enhancements with respect to osseointegration of implant devices, surgical techniques, patient education and options of treatment. Southern Implants is not only the leading dental implant company in South Africa, but is a significant role player in the USA, Europe and Australasia.

The successful implementation of quality standards enabled the establishment of a plant for the processing of bovine pericardium and the development of a mitral heart valve utilizing this material. Glycar (Pty) Ltd., an associated company was established in 1994 to manufacture and develop the applications for cross-linked collagenous membranes. Products include hernia repair patches, dural membranes, and cardio-vascular patches.

The development of orthopaedic implant devices benefited from the extensive experience of the Southern Implants with respect to precision machining and processing of implantable materials, as well as knowledge of surface treatments for enhanced integration. This prompted the formation of Southern Medical (Pty) Ltd. in 2001. Southern Medical is a company dedicated to the development of orthopaedic and neurosurgical implantable devices. The company is comprised of spinal surgery, foot surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and neurosurgery, as well as equipment divisions.

Southern Ear Nose and Throat (Pty) Ltd. formed in 2002, is the Southern company dedicated to the development and production of products for the ENT field. This company is also the proud distributor of the Nucleus™ Cochlear and BAHA implants.

The Southern Group of Companies is furthermore comprised of Medika SA (Pty) Ltd. formed in 2002 for the distribution of a range of wound care products.  The wound care products range from honey-based ointments to nanofiber temporary skin substitutes. Tissue engineers have successfully implemented a cellular expansion facility for fibroblasts, keratinocytes and chondrocytes. Other successes have been the development of the first South African hyaluronic acid visco-surgical device and also the most advanced partial and full thickness biological skin replacement devices.

With human resources that span the disciplines of bio-medical engineering, tissue engineering, bio-technology, bio-chemistry and microbiology the group dedicated a team to develop the foremost cosmeceutical product in the world. OptiPhi is the flagship product of Southern Skin Rejuvenation Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

The Southern Group of Companies adhere to the highest medical device quality standards. Southern Implants, Glycar and Southern Medical are ISO 13485 certified companies with many of the products bearing CE marks. Skin Rejuvenation Technologies is ISO 9001 certified with products registered for sale in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

The Southern Group has representation in the United States through its affiliate companies Simplify Medical and Southern Implants Inc., both based in California.

The Southern Group of Companies is firmly committed to ensuring not only excellence in medical implantation devices, but ensuring that these devices are cost effective. The group's employees count in excess of 150 staff, which includes strong Research and Development departments. The group is developing and evaluating numerous devices to ensure that it remains the leading biotechnology group in South Africa.