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Interbody Fusion Cages - Metallic

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    3D Printed Lumbar Screw Cage
    3D Printed Cervical Fusion Cage
    3D Printed Cervical Stand Alone Fusion Cage
  • TLIF Genesis Bullet
    The TLIF-G Bullet (TLIF-G) devices are 3D printed lumbar interbody fusion cages intended for stabilising the spinal column and restoring normal anatomy while fusion occurs. The TLIF-GB devices are intended for a transforaminal surgical approach. The devices are not stand-alone devices and must be used with supplementary spinal fixation systems. The devices have a central cavity intended to be filled with autograft. TLIF-G Bullet devices are manufactured from Ti-6Al-4V ELI Titanium Alloy (ASTM F136).