AXIS™ 2 Plate

AXIS™ 2 Plate

  • Stable anterior cervical fusion construct with simplified bone screw-locking mechanism

  • Pre-bent low profiled plate with large graft windows

  • Variable angled screws

Procedure Description
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) is the gold standard for treatment of severe neck pain or neurological deficits that have not responded to conservative treatment. Neck pain is generally defined as 'stiffness' and/or pain felt dorsally in the cervical region. The cause of neck pain is commonly due to compression or damage of a neurological structure, such as the spinal cord and/or a nerve root due to disc degeneration or trauma.

Treatment is accomplished by decompressing the nerve and preventing motion at the effected segment(s). This is achieved through a plate and screw construct supporting an interbody bone graft with the bone graft allowing for adjacent vertebrae to permanently fuse.

Product Description
The Southern AXIS™ 2 Anterior Cervical Plate system (AXIS™ 2 ACP) comprises of a titanium alloy plate and titanium alloy bone-anchoring screws. Each level comprises two variable angle bone screws.

The AXIS™ 2 cervical plate is anatomically-shaped through a curved profile and lordotic bend to fit the cervical vertebrae optimally. It is available in 1-4 level plates, each in multiple lengths. Plate thickness has been optimised, ensuring a low profiled plate. The bone-anchoring screws incorporate a sharp tip to allow self-drilling. The screws are available as variable angle, fixed angle or a revision screw. The screws are locked through a self-centring plate that securely prevents the screws from backing out.