Southern SARAH™ and JUNO

Southern SARAH™ and JUNO

  • The radial head system is available in 4 JUNO plate sizes, 5 SARAH stem sizes and 15 SARAH head sizes

  • Articulating, translating and rotating radial head replacement

  • Cannulated instrumentation used in combination with Kirshner wires provides the opportunity to determine the angle of implantation before reaming

Procedure Description

Radial head fractures are frequently caused by trauma to the elbow. While the average length of time of disability following these injuries is 8.5 weeks, significant permanent disability may persist.

Radial head replacement is indicated in displaced or comminuted fractures or when a perfect reduction cannot be accomplished with open reduction and internal fixation.

Radial head fractures are common injuries, occurring in about 20% of all acute elbow injuries. Many elbow dislocations also involve fractures of the radial head. Radial head fractures are more frequent in women than in men, and are more likely to happen in people who are between 30 and 40 years of age.

Product Description

The Southern radial head systems (SARAH and JUNO) are designed for the treatment of proximal radial head fractures or replacement of the proximal radial head where the radial head is not salvageable. The purpose of the Southern radial head system is to ensure pain free articulation, movement and rotation of the forearm.