Galen Spinal Table

Galen Spinal Table

    Southern Modular Table System Equipment:

  • Assists in securely rotating the patient between the supine and prone position

  • The table unit is completely radiolucent and allows unrestricted c-arm access for intra-operative scanning

  • Modular pillows and padding allow for optimal patient specific positioning

Procedure Description
It is important for theatre equipment to ensure that medical professionals are operating in an ergonomic and convenient environment. This increases accuracy and reduces fatigue.

A significant contributor to this environment is the operating table. It should offer a platform to securely support and position the patient while accommodating surgeon angle and height preferences.

Product Description
The table system provides a versatile platform for a variety of spinal surgeries. It offers patient support in a supine, lateral and prone position while being able to securely transition the patient from one to the other.

The electrically adjustable Trendelenburg and height functions combine efficiently with the manual tilting function. Modular padding enables low pressure yet secure patient positioning. This offers a convenient platform for medical professionals to transfer and position the patient safely and securely.