Compass Lumbar Retractor

Compass Lumbar Retractor

  • Articulating and radiolucent blades

  • Freely orientating and secure locking

  • Low profile

Procedure Description
Many surgical procedures require soft tissue distraction to gain access to the desired anatomy. For example anterior or lateral spinal fusion.
It is often beneficial to utilise a self-retaining soft tissue retractor in order to reduce the level of assistance that is required by the surgeon.

Product Description
The Compass Abdominal Retractor is a self-retaining retractor used in anterior or lateral procedures. Consisting of 4 articulating blades, the retractor offers a versatile instrument to retain soft tissue specific to the patient. This reduces the likelihood of unnecessary soft tissue damage while offering the required abdominal cavity.

The Compass is available for either Euro or US specification clamping rails. The self-retaining arms can be orientated on the retraction as per the surgery requirements and quickly locked into position. The low profile design and radiolucent blades ensure that the surgeon is not obstructed and clear visualization is achieved.