Sentry Fixed Ulnar Head System

SENTRY™ Fixed Ulnar Head System

  • Trials available for different stem sizes, spacer collars and implant heads

  • Modular design allowing for 72 combinations

  • The head of the Ulnar implant is made from medical grade titanium with a titanium nitride coating to ensure superior biocompatible wear characteristics

Procedure Description
The distal ulna represents the fixed point around which the radius and the hand acts in daily living. The significance of distal ulnar fractures is often not appreciated and often results in inadequate treatment in comparison to its larger counterpart; the radius. A stable distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) is mandatory for the function and load transmission in the wrist and forearm.

The prosthesis can be used for secondary treatment of failed ulnar head resection, but it can also achieve good results in the primary treatment of osteoarthritis of the DRUJ.

Product Description
The Southern Sentry™ Ulnar Implant is designed for the replacement of the ulnar head to ensure pain free rotation of the forearm with a stable ulna and wrist.