• No heating or cooling required to achieve desired compression

  • A simple surgical procedure reduces theatre time

  • Several different sizes and lengths available to accommodate different anatomical profiles

Procedure Description
Staples are highly versatile implants for osteotomies and arthrodesis. The advantages of staple fixation may include good approximation of fragments, dynamic compression, and avoidance of pin-tract infections from exposed hardware and less operating time compared to bone screws.

Staple fixation is a simple and effective procedure that when applied appropriately gives good clinical and functional outcome.

Product Description
The Southern Staples range consists of staples with varying length legs, with sharp tips joined by a bridge of varying width that is driven directly into bone. This range provides fixation of small or long bone fractures and/or for osteotomies, assisting in the fusion of small joints in the hand and/or foot.

The Southern Staple range has been designed to achieve the desired compression on the fracture without subsiding into the cancellous bone.