• Naturally adheres to the wound without the use of staples

  • Becomes transparent when applied to the wound

  • Permeable to water vapour

  • NANOTRIX® can be adapted optimally on any body parts

  • No primary dressing changes required

  • The dressing peels from the wound as epithelization occurs

  • Face mask type dressings available

Procedure Description

The actives present in the NANOTRIX® dressing protect the wound by creating a mechanical barrier. It provides an optimal microenvironment for cell proliferation, migration and differentiation. The NANOTRIX® dressing is bacteriostatic, hygroscopic and acidic lending the dressing the ability to attract and hold water molecules and creating an undesirable environment for bacteria.

Product Description

The intended purpose of the NANOTRIX® dressing is to cover the wound and limit moisture loss. NANOTRIX® is a biocompatible, micro-porous membrane for the treatment of superficial partial thickness wounds, split-thickness skin graft donor sites and abrasions.