Southern MIRA-DC™

  • Intuitive instrumentation combined with a simple surgical procedure reduces theatre time

  • The implant provides a smooth articulating surface

  • The implant used together with the instruments creates a natural stable joint

Procedure Description
Joint replacement surgery in the hand is an excellent option for treating arthritis of the hand in older, low-activity patients and for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Joint replacement surgery can provide pain relief, increase finger range of motion, and improve hand function. Hand function, especially power grasp, can be hindered by fusion of this joint.

The middle, ring and small fingers are the best candidates for joint replacement as they are the most important for power grasp. The index finger is not a good candidate for a PIP joint replacement, as it must withstand sideways forces which accompany movements such as key turning and fine manipulation of objects.

Product Description
The Southern MIRA-DC™ is intended as an interphalangeal joint resurfacing device. The aim of the device is to replace destroyed distal articular surfaces in digital joints to address instability and deformity in the digits due to arthritis.

The implant is available in three sizes, with each size available in three different heights to accommodate different anatomical MCP or PIP joints.