• Glove type dressings available

  • Can be used as temporary cover on full thickness burns

  • The dressing peels from the wound as epithelization occurs

  • No primary dressing changes required

Procedure Description
Wound healing is one of the most complex processes in the body and a cascade of events is triggered when tissue damage occurs, the biological processes required to repair burn wounds are unlikely different than those required for normal wound healing. This cascade of events consists of a series of actions which include inflammation, epithelialization, connective tissue deposition and contraction. These stages are not necessarily chronologically exclusive, but rather a dynamic and integrated coordination of specific processes. These stages can be allowed to proceed uninterrupted, as in healing by secondary intention, or influenced by primary closure with sutures, staples, or adhesives, application of medications or topical products, or placement of various traditional or synthetic dressings. Keragentrix is a bi-layered membrane that facilitates epithelial migration across the wound surface. The inner layer consists of a 3-dimensional knitted nylon scaffold coated with type 1 bovine collagen peptides (BSE free). The outer layer consists of a thin silicone layer which protects the wound bed from external insults and maintains a moist wound healing environment.

Product Description
Keragentrix Temporary Skin Substitute is indicated as a temporary cover for superficial partial thickness burns. Its action is the   facilitation of epithelialization by means of physical wound cover, the maintenance of a moist wound healing environment, creating a physical barrier to infection, mechanical protection and providing a scaffold for epithelial migration.