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  • Southern SARAH™ and JUNO
    • The radial head system is available in 4 JUNO plate sizes, 5 SARAH stem sizes and 15 SARAH head sizes
    • Articulating, translating and rotating radial head replacement
    • Cannulated instrumentation used in combination with Kirshner wires provides the opportunity to determine the angle of implantation before reaming
  • SENTRY™ Fixed Ulnar Head System
    • Trials available for different stem sizes, spacer collars and implant heads
    • Modular design allowing for 72 combinations
    • The head of the Ulnar implant is made from medical grade titanium with a titanium nitride coating to ensure superior biocompatible wear characteristics
  • Distal Radius Plate and Screw System
    • The Distal Radius Plate is anatomically designed for use on the volar side of the radius for severe fractures of the distal radius
    • The plate has a low profile to reduce tendon irritation and wear
    • Drill guides are available as part of the plate assembly for correct screw alignment